Online Sugar Baby? Daddies May Say No to You


Online sugar babyYes, you are free and young but unfortunately, you also happen to be broke. As a result, you thought of joining a sugar daddy dating website in the hopes of finding and meeting an older man who is going to look after you emotionally and financially.

However, there is a big catch. Some of your behaviors might make you look unattractive to the eyes of potential sugar daddies. Online babies want to get money without offline date, while daddies want to offline date or hookup after meeting a sugar baby online.

Here are some of the reasons why sugar daddies don't like and stop communicating with online sugar babies who they've never met:

You are Indecisive

Making decisions isn’t always easy. There is no such thing as a map that will guide you in your journey through life. However, if you are always indecisive, no one will ever find you attractive. If your sugar daddy asks you what you want for a gift, never let him decide or don’t just say that you don’t know what you want. Always be decisive. Figure out the things you like and don’t be afraid to ask for it. When you make decisions right away, your sugar daddy will appreciate you more.

You are Insecure

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always be confident without anything that makes you feel insecure about. Not being insecure means you have to recognize what makes you feel insecure about without constantly talking about it.

Always focus on what makes you look good and what you are good at. Look at the positive side of things. Sugar daddies wouldn’t appreciate it if you have a fragile ego. Get over yourself and this will make your sugar daddy like and appreciate you even more.

You are Too into Yourself

You might be drop dead gorgeous, funny, and smart. However, sugar daddies might find it a big turn off if you are extremely too into yourself. Show humility regarding your shortcomings and avoid shoving your best features and qualities in the face of your sugar daddy.

He is already aware of your good qualities because if not, he wouldn’t even date you in the first place. You don’t have to remind him about it all the time. Looks will fade. If you are too into yourself, you will only drive others away, and that includes your sugar daddy.

You Don’t Have Plans for the Future

Maybe there is something exciting about spending the night out of town with your friends and just sleeping all day long. However, this kind of lifestyle will never last for a long time. While your sugar daddy may be willing to support you and let you get away with the behavior, this will never bring anything positive to you down the road.

People with ambitions and dreams, and actively strive to reach for them are more attractive. If you are receiving financial support from your sugar daddy, be sure to show him where his money goes. It should be used on something that will make you a better person and embark on a lucrative career. Being a slacker shouldn’t have any room here.


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