How To Attract And Keep A Sugar Daddy You Want?


keep a sugar daddyFinding and keeping a sugar daddy is not for the weak of heart and mind. The truth is that landing the ultimate daddy is almost similar to a full-time job. If your goal or dream is to become a sugar baby, there are several simple tips and rules you have to keep in mind to attract and keep the sugar daddy you want.

Know Your Charms and Learn to Use Them to Your Advantage

Whether you are a girl entering college soon, a lady who loves wild and sexy parties, or someone who wishes to climb the ladder of business success, it is a must to always be the best version of yourself. Avoid acting like you are someone else. Be you and set a clear and definite goal in your mind. Let your true colors shine through and a potential sugar daddy will surely appreciate you for being honest and unpretentious.

Dress and Look the Part All the Time

Polished is one of the best beauty words that you have to remember. Polished describes perfectly how women should look every time they meet a successful man. Don’t forget that affluent people are often conscious of how their woman looks and appears in public. Even though the relationship might start off ad something discreet, your sugar daddy will appreciate if you look properly put together. It is something very crucial for first impressions. If you will head out to meet a sugar daddy, try to keep your look sexy but simple. A nice pair of skinny jeans or a form fitting dress with heels is a great choice. If dresses are not your cup of tea, then, sugar daddy dating might not be the perfect path for you to take on.

Communication and Class

Two of the most critical golden rules in dating a sugar daddy are to always stay classy with your tone and words and keep a clear communication with a potential man. Successful men never like dramas, drunks, and girls who wait for a week before they send a text reply. Not paying enough attention to your sugar daddy is one mistake you have to avoid at all costs. A good morning text or calling him while you are out running errands can go a very long way in keeping your sugar relationship.

If You Want to be Spoiled Like a Queen, Treat Your Sugar Daddy Like a King

Remember that a sugar relationship is a give and take connection. Tell your sugar that he is handsome. Give him a card or prepare his favorite coffee. Massage his shoulders when he looks tired. A real man expects a real woman who got things together and knows how to put a smile on his face. If you become the apple of his eye, he will never have second thoughts in giving you everything you need and want.

There are lots of sugars in a sugar relationship so make sure that you always keep things sweet.


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